Adding a member to the pack

Dogs and humans have lived together for many thousands of years. 

Now several types of research are showing that, when managed appropriately, this human and dog relationship can be extremely beneficial for our personal well-being. Just by looking at your dog can increase levels of oxytocin. In addition, dogs can also be the starter for much needed physical activities in humans.


 All dogs need to be exercised and play outdoors. Exercising the dog for 30 minutes per day would not only greatly increase the weekly physical activity levels of the owner, but it also increases potential opportunities for social interaction. 


Dogs are incredible creatures and they deserve to be raised properly. They are always excited to see you, you are never home alone, they reduce stress levels, can be your protector you and are loyal. 


Now you have been reading just some of the many benefits of owning a dog and, when raised properly. Now you would like to enhance your own life with a dog? 


Before you place an order with a local breeder, first find out why a shelter dog can be your first choice instead.  Also, do you fit into a dog’s life, and will a dog fit into your life? Are you a dog dreamer (one who does not fully understand the commitment yet you owe to your dog), or are you a dog lover (one who is patience, understand a dog’s needs and is committed to all other responsibilities of owning a dog)? 


Dogs have the ability to adapt and move on quite well. However, when Fido is exposed to stress for some time, it can become chronic or result in unwanted behaviour. Through my own dog adoption and training experience, I help you find out if you are a dog lover or a dog dreamer, or maybe get you to the right balanced mindset a dog desperately needs.

When a dog needs security

When a dog has been exposed to too much negative or destructive human behaviour, it's not surprising that your dog may create anxiety or aggression. 

When dog behaviour is out of control, meet B.C.-Dog Whisperer James Tsai. He also runs Arf Arf Bark Bark, a non-profit foundation that rehabs aggressive and traumatized dogs. He has been called one of North America’s top experts in large-breed canine rehabilitation.” He has helped the worst of the worst, dogs that are considered hopeless or that are slated to be put down, and those with severe dysfunctions as a result of abuse. 


“Every animal wants a connection. They want to be loved, they want to be respected and appreciated.” ~James Tsai

"D" Drug

Petting a dog can help increase your serotonin and dopamine levels, the chemicals that make you feel good and reduce stress levels, and blood pressure. It's an almost free and healthy drug. 

What About My Dog?

It is always good to check with your veterinarian to see if there are no internal factors causing bad behaviour, such as low levels of serotonin.  A recent study showed that low levels of serotonin (a brain chemical) may be linked to aggression in dogs. For humans, this can lead to depression and anxiety. Oxytocin or the 'feel good' chemical shows the same effect for both humans and dogs; it works on our social behaviour, and for dogs, this is no different.


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