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Calm Lake

Healing Hearts, Rebuilding Lives: Therapeutic Counselling with an interest in Overcoming Pet Loss, Grief, Trauma, and Stress.

You were born to thrive! 

Supporting adults through Pet Loss, Life Transitions, Emotional Trauma, Stress, and Emotional Support for the Unique Challenges of Canine Companions.
"I am looking forward learning about your challenges, your life journey, your hopes and dreams"

Hey there! I'm a registered master therapeutic counsellor, and my passion is all about helping people like you who often feel misunderstood or feel the need to hide your struggles from society.

Losing a pet, something so close to your heart, can be hard to talk about. It's like a secret struggle, right? And sometimes, that grief can amplify other underlaying past traumatic events from the past – stuff from the past, work related bullying or major life changes. We all develop ways to handle life's challenges, but guess what? Grief and tough times don't play by the rules. It doesn't matter how good we are at dealing with stuff; it can still hit hard.

But you have a choice to change that. I'm here to help you see that acknowledging your feelings and making positive changes is an amazing part of growth. It's not about having it all figured out – it's about being a work in progress, and that's something to be proud of! You're not alone!

Monique Verhoef


I wonder if you are connecting with any of these struggles?

  • The loss of your pet stirring torrent of painful emotions?

  • Do you sense isolation or misunderstanding due to your dog's unique care or behavioural needs?

  • Are you grappling with intense heartache, longing, and a profound sense of loss?

  • Do you wrestle with overwhelming anxiety, panic, and a constant feeling of impending danger?

  • Is self-blame, sorrow, and the weight of emotional burden a part of your experience?

  • Do you feel unworthy, exposed, or longing to withdraw from others during social gatherings?

  • Are restlessness, tension, and persistent worries about the future familiar to you?

  • Do you find yourself wrestling with indecisiveness, or struggling to make sense of your situation?

  • Navigating adulthood or life changes? - How are you handling it?

Do you wish to...

  • Find a place you could talk all you want about the loss of your beloved pet?

  • Talk to someone who understand the heart wrenching pain of pet loss?

  • Find out more on how to find peace within yourself?

  • Try and make sense of the emotions you are experiencing?

  • Feel more empowered and tackle triggers or uncertainties?

  • See how it feels like to be authentic and feel connected?

  • Be confident and have a purpose?

birds flying free


Live while you are alive!

Feeling down or dissociated? Is it from underlying trauma, or just simply because we lie in a complicated society having to twist

Pet Loss and Grief


Unspoken grief

The pain of loss and the grief that comes with it can be overwhelming. It is a very individual experience.

brereavement and transistion


You are not alone

The loss of a loved one is one thing that we can never quantify. How do you put words to the pain

Outdoors in Autumn


Feel heard

Have you ever felt like no one understands and no one listens? Would you rather crawl up rather than facing the outside world?

Friendly Conversation


What about emotional wounds?

Have you ever been in a situation that evokes an intense, overwhelming and long lasting sense of fear, pain, anxiety and stress? 

foot print adding a member


Giving another soul a chance

Whether you’ve just lost a beloved pet and you’re not sure about getting another one, or you want to start the journey to becoming a pet owner.

bond with dog


Yes, it’s different!

Did you ever wonder if your dog could be more? Seriously, how did you feel after you were friendly greeted by your or someone else’s dog?

possible mosaic
Believe you can and you’re halfway there
Theodore Roosevelt

Introducing Lauda-WuYi

Meet Lauda – a resilient spirit with a captivating story. Surviving a life-threatening car accident and crossing borders at just one year old, she emerged stronger, embodying an extraordinary character. Trained in therapy by her sister Chloë, Lauda, now in a wheelchair, forms deep connections with vulnerable individuals and dogs. Her passions include lounging, forest hikes, and savoring life's beauty. With a unique ability to enhance sessions, Lauda is ready to bring her special touch when called upon.

In Memory Chloë_edited_edited.jpg
In Loving Memory

I am very sad to announce that my co-therapist Chloë is no longer with us. As a registered international therapy dog, she has comforted so many people and has touched many lives in general! She was and still is my inspiration for the work that I do now. I promised her to keep her spirit alive.

She may have died, but my love for her never will!

R.I.P my little monkey

Are you ready to invest in your wellbeing, managing your emotions, and let your genius shine​? 
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