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Major Life Changes, Worries, Stress and No Zest In Life?

You have lost your best buddy...and it hurts!

How do you cope with the loss of someone special?

Searching for belonging?

Thinking about dog adoption or want to create a better bond with your dog?

Say Goodbye to Pain, Hello to Freedom!

Monique 2022.heic

"Hi, I'm Monique


Registered Therapeutic Counsellor 


I am deeply interested in the wellbeing of you and your pet. I have always had a special connection with animals and focus on pet loss and grief as well as the anxiety and depression that can result from the loss of your loved one.

When possible, including your dog into the therapeutic counselling or coaching process, can work as an advantage towards creating bonding, happiness and personal improvement.


"We don't have to let go of that love in order to bring new love and joy again" 




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