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Counselling & Coaching 

Dog Assisted Human Therapeutic Approach Program

When dog behaviour meets counselling

With this approach, I show you how you can learn to receive your dog's wisdom. It can help speed up your therapy process and teach you how to deal with emotions, creating calm and trusting relationships.


Counselling with your dog in mind is about building a bridge between you, your dog, and your family. My dog assisted therapy you can help speed your therapy process, learn to receive your dog's wisdom in return, which can help you 'out of the dog house'. 


Learn how to manage anxiety and depression, discover hope and happiness. 


You create a stronger bond with your dog and experience freedom, respect and connection in return. 


Desired Behaviour 

Even when you love your dog, however, there are days that you just cannot seem to pull yourself out of the dark hole of negative feelings...and the love of your dog is what you hold on to. When you feel anxious, overwhelmed or going through a difficult time, your energy might be reflected in your dog. Dogs have the ability to adapt and move on quite well. However, when Fido is exposed to stress for some time, it can become chronic or result in unwanted behaviour. 


If your pup turned into a loose cannon on four legs with razor-sharp teeth, annoys the hag out of you or your family then you may want to consider professional help. Dog training can be part of the solution, but often it’s you who needs to understand your own troubles and emotions before you can understand your dog’s emotion and behaviour. 


Counselling with your dog in mind is about building a bridge between you, your dog, and your family. Through my dog assisted therapy you can learn to receive your dog's wisdom in return, which can help you 'out of the dog house'. It helps speed your therapy process, learn how to live in the moment, and create calm and trusting relationships.


Learn how to manage anxiety and depression, discover hope and happiness. You create a stronger bond with your dog and experience freedom, respect and connection in return.


When a Dog Needs Security 

When a dog has been exposed to too many negative or destructive human behaviours, it's not surprising that your dog may create anxiety or aggression.

When dog behaviour is out of control, meet B.C.-Dog Whisperer James Tsai. He also runs Arf Arf Bark Bark, a non-profit foundation that rehabs aggressive and traumatized dogs. He has been called one of North America’s top experts in large-breed canine rehabilitation.” He has helped the worst of the worst, dogs that are considered hopeless or that are slated to be put down, and those with severe dysfunctions as a result of abuse. 


“Every animal wants a connection. They want to be loved, they want to be respected and appreciated.” ~James Tsai

Recovery from a loss takes time and can’t be forced. Healing from a devastating loss does not mean that you will forget your loved one; it’s finding a way of dealing with the loss and giving it a special place. Seeking loss and grief counselling can help you cope with loss.


In addition, having a dog at home can be of extra help through this difficult process. Your dog may pick up cues through your visual signs, like your body language or crying. Studies revealed that a dog could empathize with a crying human. This is not out of curiosity, but purely out of concern. He wants you to be happy when you are sad and will do whatever he can to make you aware that you are not alone! 

Depression & Anxiety

When life is challenging, it’s natural that we can experience negative thoughts and feel overwhelmed. The constant stream of negative thoughts is the most damaging and giving us bad energy. They are a result of unconscious and limiting beliefs. We don’t realize we have these beliefs over and over and it’s easy to believe it’s not harmful. Negative thinking is the perfect recipe for unhealthy emotions and choices in life. Being in this negative spiral can result in a low mood, low self-esteem, and depression.


In some cases, depression or negative thoughts may be severe and may require long-term treatment. Consult with your doctor if you think you may be suffering from severe or chronic depression. 


Effective management of these unproductive and negative thoughts may result in discovering life with more love, joy, and happiness.

Dog Adoption

Adding a Member to the Pack

Dogs are incredible creatures; they are always excited to see you, you are never home alone, they reduce stress levels, can protect you and are loyal.


So, you have been thinking of doing something great, something that even can enhance your life? You want to add a member to the pack! First, before you place an order with a local breeder; find out why a shelter dog can be your first choice instead of a purebred. Also, do you fit into a dog’s life, and will a dog will fit into your life? Are you a dog dreamer (one who does not fully yet understand the commitment you owe to your dog), or are you a dog lover (one who is patience, understand and is committed to all responsibilities of owning a dog)?


Through my own dog adoption and training experience, I help you find out if you are a dog lover or a dog dreamer. Or if you have concerns about your pup you were hoping to connect with? I can help you create a better bond and a happier life between you and your dog!


Cultural & Immigration

Culture is a complex system of beliefs, lifestyles behaviour and outlooks and is frequently not recognized in a new country you now call home. 


Often you are not aware of your social background, values or behaviour in the country you were born and raised in and you even consider them to be normal…But then you come in contact with another culture, and now you can clearly see and feel some differences. 


As you try your best to acclimatize, and adjust to a new culture or environment, additional stress can add when you search for that job you were trained for. Also separation from your culture or environment may include for you becoming a stranger to dear relationships with other people, lost of trust, lost of contact, friends, family, or lost of your work status. This can lead to physical and mental illness. 


Work for example usually reflects who we are. We humans like to be productive. If you feel that your work is not creative or has no sense of meaning to you, it may lead to depression, anxiety and sense of emptiness and lack of belonging. 


Being aware of your own identity and acceptance can help you cerate and establish your new life and let your authenticity shine.

 "We created this almost perfect other social creature. They understand us and will always love us. Dogs are very empathetic and they have greater empathy."~Professor Paul Zak